WeatherSeal Exterior Log Home Finish


Exterior Log Home Finish

An oil/resin-based semi-transparent wood stain that, when mixed properly, achieves a thick, pudding-like texture. Its creamy thick yet penetrating formula "clings" to vertical surfaces, virtually eliminating the drippy mess and wasteful runoff typical of regular stains. Yet, like magic, it soaks into the wood leaving a rich natural wood appearance.

Creamy smooth application, no pigment settling, and uniform coverage that soaks into the wood leaving a transparent, natural wood appearance. Its highly durable oil-based resins, water proofers, and special performance boosters really hold up to the elements. Designed for use on log homes, wood fences, wood and shake siding, pressure-treated wood and most above ground wood surfaces where a longer-lasting natural wood look is desired. For decks, apply 1-2 coats (use 2 coats for new, uncoated decks). Low V.O.C. clean air formula. Fortified with borates.




Application Temperature

50 to 95 Deg. F

5-Gallon Pails




Coverage (sq. ft. per gal.)




Mineral Spirits





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