Customer Testimonials...

Letters from our satisfied customers!If you been a past log home customer of Rapid River Rustic, Inc. please leave your comments about your cedar log home, and our service by filling out the Customer Survey.

A few of the many letters from our satisfied customers!

It's - 10 Degrees as we sit by the fire writing Christmas cards and it is sooooo nice and toasty inside!  We are enjoying our first winter in our new log home.  We can't begin to tell you how many compliments we we've had ---so many people comment on how unique and rustic our home is --- it's a one of a kind log home.  Thank you all so very much in helping us make our dreams of a log home by the lake in the woods come true!!  If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by for a visit.

Larry & Karen Hauri
Birchwood, WI

We went all the way up to Rapid River, Michigan to see your model, manufacturing plant, and 80 acre inventory yard.  We were very impressed especially with the honesty and helpfulness of your sales personnel.  Whenever we called for help everyone at Rapid River Rustic gave us their very best.

Roy & Gloria Smith
Caro, MI

We love our log home.  After 3 years of diligent researching we chose Rapid River Rustic because of their pricing, good inventory of cedar, and especially their technical assistance, particularly upon delivery.

P.S.  Materials to build our home were provided in abundance.

Tim & Stephanie Clouse
Waynesville, MO

Just a quick note to congratulate you and your company on your 25th anniversary.  I just received my latest issue of Log Home Living and happened to notice your ad.  I can tell you firsthand that I'm sure you'll be around a long time.  It's hard to believe, but we built our home 7 years ago with your help.  The garage addition is almost 3 years old.  I'm sure we'll be adding a deck eventually as well.  We still love everything about the home and I'm convinced more than ever that we made the right decision in choosing Rapid River Home.

Fay & Mike Maroun
Cleveland, OH

Our cedar logs were light to handle and easy to work with, you have done a very good drying job on the logs. We are very pleased with the quality of the material and the lack of settling (none in evidence after 2 years).  Rapid River was very willing to help us in any way they could.  We are very proud of our log home and would be glad to show it to anyone interested in a Rapid River Rustic cedar log home.

Joe & Janet Whittington
Kingsman, IN

What can I say, I've been in business a long time and have heard a lot of promises made and not kept.  But Rapid River Rustic really came through.  The entire staff has been great.  We are very excited about this whole project and feel that Rapid River Rustic has done their very best to make our home all that we dreamed.

Five Stars *****
Skip & Lynn Manson
Vadnais, MN

We built our log home with your products approximately 3 years ago and are very pleased with the finished product.  Many people have visited our home and asked what company we dealt with.  We have given them your name and advised them to visit your place in person.  Thanks

Phillip Miller
Brockon, IL

After several years, significant research, trade-show visits and vendor meetings, we decided on Rapid River Rustic for several reasons; Personal service and quality of information we received while doing research, a no-pressure sales approach, a superior product (cedar logs) and the recommendation of other Rapid River Rustic customers we knew personally.  We have been more than satisfied with the process before, during and after our home was built 2 1/2 years ago and continue our relationship with Rapid River Rustic today.

Sean & Tract Donahue