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Thank you much for visiting Rapid River Rustic, Inc! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.  Rapid River Rustic, Inc is a proud member or is a distributor for the suppliers listed.  In addition, to using our quality northern white cedar log & other cedar components, we use only the best in windows, doors, stains, varnishes, and floor systems.

Windows & Doors

Andersen Windows

Rapid River Rustic, Inc. uses quality Andersen Windows & Doors in the construction of their quality northern white cedar log homes.  A broad range of window and patio door products, including bay windows, casement windows and French doors.

Therma-Tru Entrance Doors

The recognized leader in entry door systems brings you thousands of design options – from doors to doorlites, sidelites and transoms – including one that will turn your house into a beautiful home with increased curb appeal.


Building Materials

STYROFOAM* Residential Sheathing

STYROFOAM* Residential Sheathing extruded polystyrene insulation is a foam insulation board with plastic film on both sides. It offers superior R-value, moisture resistance and high compressive strength. Plastic film reduces job site damage to the insulation boards. STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing is recommended for wall sheathing in residential applications.


Olympic® OlyLog® Fastners

In 1993, OMG developed the OMG OlyLog®, the first threaded log home fastener which required no predrilling. Since its introduction, the OlyLog has changed the way log homes are constructed. Here's why:

  • No Predrilling! The OlyLog® zips right through all species of logs

  • Self Countersinking head design:Buries itself below the log surface and allows for natural log settling

  • Removable: Just put the drill in reverse and back it out

  • Strong pull down power

  • No sledge hammer damage

  • Greatly reduced labor time

  • 100% American Made



Structural Framing Systems

iLevel Trus Joist Silent Floor System™

TJI® Joists revolutionized the way you build floors.
Trus Joist developed the wooden I-joist 35 years ago. Engineered to provide strength and consistency, these joists are a key part of the FrameWorks® Floor System. The dimensional stability of TJI joists helps them resist the warping, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors. TJI joists are light weight and come in long lengths. This helps save on labor, because they're faster and easier to install than traditional framing. These same features have made them a popular choice for roof joists as well.  

Click here to download pdf on iLevel Trus Joist Floor System™


Boise Cascade™

Boise Engineered Wood Products manufactures a variety of products for structural framing. These engineered wood products offer a better system for framing floors and roofs by featuring beams, joists, and rim boards that work together as a system to provide a strong, reliable, and cost effective residential framing solution.



Finishes & Stains

michigan log cabins


Continental Products


Rapid River Rustic, Inc. uses quality Continental Products.  A leading manufacturer of custom designed wood coatings for the Log Home Industry.  A QS 9000 quality certified company.  One of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of Log Home protective wood coatings.



Sikkens Wood Care Products


Rapid River Rustic, Inc uses quality Sikkens Products.  We want our customers to be as happy with their northern white cedar log homes 25 years from now as the day they move in, and that's why we use Sikkens quality log home products.



Boodge Siding & Trim Oil


Boodge™ Siding & Trim Oil is suitable for vertically-oriented siding and trim surfaces. Boodge Siding & Trim Oil is ideal for use on cedar and redwood. Other types of wood are suitable as long as they allow penetration of the product. We do not recommend the use of our product on hardwood species of wood, such as oak or walnut. Look to the WoodCare Professional Series™ by Boodge Company for other related uses for our products.