What kind of logs do you use? 

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We specialize in Northern White Cedar for the following reasons:

Naturally Decay Resistant - Naturally Insect Resistant
Minimal Settling - Highest Insulation Value

These natural features equate to less maintenance for you!

The characteristics of wood that generally concern log home buyers are cost, appearance, resistance to insects and decay, insulation value and stability . Additional considerations include the availability of the particular wood species in commercial quantities and the ease with which the wood can cut and shaped into building logs.

Northern White Cedar is generally considered by many as one of the finer grades of wood, typically available in smaller diameters in the northeastern United States. Rapid River Rustic is located in the heart of Cedar country; the Cedar swamps of Northern Michigan. All of our wood is harvested in the winter months within a 70 mile radius of our manufacturing plant. Because we air dry , mill and ship all of our Cedar from our own mill, we are very competitive with other companies who use a lesser wood species. Get directions to our manufacturing facilities and model northern cedar log homes.

Northern White Cedar has a very pleasant odor and appearance with its natural blonde color. Cedar has smaller, tighter knots and attractive array of growth ring patterns. Our logs are milled with a double tongue and groove and can be either hand peeled to give them the traditional "rustic" look or milled smooth for a more contemporary look. 

Northern White Cedar provides for more thermal efficiency per inch than any other wood species.  A 6" cedar log has the same thermal mass as a 10" pine log, without the twisting and settling problems.    www.rapidriverrustic.com