Designing, & Engineering

Custom designs are the norm at Rapid River Rustic, Inc. - Not the exception.

Dedicated to these essential skills, we are constantly upgrading our services. Exclusive use of Computer Aided Design- (CAD) is one example. Experience combined with this technology turns ideas into your home.

Technical support is never further than your phone via our toll free 800 service. Communication is the key to every successful project. Our competent staff offers assistance to owners, contractors, and building officials. Choose or modify from our standard models or let us help you custom design a home tailored to your taste and lifestyle.

About the Design Process

Rapid River Rustic prides itself in the detail and quality of the designs that it produces.  With over 60 years of combined experience, our design staff is sure to produce quality, detailed and International Residential Code (IRC) compliant blueprints.  Lets review this process. 

Preliminary plans 

The first prints you will receive will be the Preliminary Plans which consist of 1st and 2nd floor plans along with all 4 exterior elevations.  These prints are a vital tool in obtaining firm, written quotes from your builder and all other sub-contractors, obtaining all necessary permits and approval from the zoning commission.  It is important to carefully review these plans to ensure that everything is the way you envisioned it.  If you are going to make any changes to the design, now is the time.  Mark any changes in a highly visible color and submit back to our design staff for corrections or changes.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later is required to view.

Preliminary Set Sample Plan

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Final construction drawings

Once you have approved the preliminary drawings, sign and return them.  We will then handle all of the structural design work, which consists of a Full Construction Set of plans including the floor joist layout plans, roof rafter plan and a foundation plan.  Cross sections and an engineers stamp are available when required.  We will supply you with ample copies of plans for you and your builder to submit to all sub contractors. You will also receive a Project Manual specific to your home with specification pertaining to all of Rapid River Rustic materials and all applicable details pertaining to your home.

Full Construction Set Sample Plan

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Sample Project Manual

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Materials list 

Once the plans are done, we calculate the quantities of all of the components necessary to construct the home as sold and drawn.  We will provide you and your builder with copies of this materials list so that you can keep track of what materials have been delivered and what materials need to be delivered.  The materials list is then handed to our mill foreman and the manufacturing of your log home components begins.

Contact our Design & Engineering Department:

Toll Free 1-800-422-3327