Eight Steps To Building A Log Home...



  1. Buy your land first. Your construction budget could depend on the cost of your load and the topography will often affect the design of you home.


  1. Determine your price range by selecting a model that most resembles the size and style of your log home.


  1. Once you have your tentative plan, shop them with Rapid River Rustic and other reputable log home producers for and exact price.  Be certain to carefully compare each package for content and quality.  Be sure to fully investigate each log home producers customer references, especially those homeowners over 15 years.


  1. Meet with potential builders to develop a soft budget based on the features that you want in your house.  Then thoroughly investigate your choices.  Customer references mean everything in the building industry.


  1. Take your log home sketches, soft budget, and information and your person financial statement to your lending institution to establish your financial range.


  1. Once you are satisfied with your choices, order your log home package by placing a 15% deposit to begin the blueprint process.


  1. Upon receipt of your preliminary blueprints, meet with your chose builder and log home sales representative to review your plans for any modifications and to prepare your final soft budget.  Return your revised prints to the design department to complete the construction plans.


  1. Take your plans and building estimate to the bank for final approval.  Once approved, an additional 45% of your log home package price is due to begin the manufacturing process.